Energy Development
The complexity of resource issues surrounding energy development projects requires powerful planning and problem-solving tools. Since the early 1980s, BIO-WEST has been conducting environmental evaluations for the mining, oil, and gas industries. Many of these projects have been direct services for private corporations, while others have been conducted as subconsultants or third party contracts with federal land management agencies such as the Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Whether you are in the federal or private sector, we can assist you with many aspects of energy development, from conducting project feasibility studies to assessing resource development possibilities and complications to providing environmental monitoring services during construction and recommendations for and mitigation monitoring efforts after project completion. We can also assist with alignment definition and development and evaluation of alternatives to minimize impacts that require costly mitigation and coordinate with agencies on your behalf to negotiate the sometimes problematic permitting process. BIO-WEST has provided public outreach expertise for controversial projects on sensitive lands and understands the need to produce legally defensible documentation while implementing techniques to achieve consensus among stakeholders. Our experience can improve your potential for successful project completion.