BIO-WEST can provide a single resource specialist, general environmental oversight, or an entire interdisciplinary team to help you obtain and complete successful projects. We enjoy working with our peers in private firms, governments, and agencies to solve environmental problems using sound scientific methods while maintaining resource sustainability. BIO-WEST offers:

  • more than 45 years of experience
  • small business advantages
  • staffing specific to project needs
  • an extensive inventory of field and office equipment
  • in-house GIS, CAD, and editorial services
  • contracting through GSA
  • reasonable rates
  • monthly project progress and budget reporting
  • expertise gained from conducting more than 1,000 projects
  • thorough knowledge of ecosystems in the western United States
  • objective, credible data collection and reporting
  • an acknowledged reputation for superior services

If you would like to explore teaming opportunities please contact [email protected] or senior personnel as listed on the Contact Us page.