Staffing is a key factor to successfully completing complex environmental analyses. We use in-house, experienced, interdisciplinary teams (IDTs) of resource specialists selected according to the project’s context, resource components, and issues. Our IDTs compile, integrate, and evaluate varying types of data and other information to form the basis for project constraint and feasibility evaluations. Knowledgeable, experienced resource specialists conduct impact analyses using the best available information in conjunction with resource expertise. The IDT works closely together to evaluate interdependent impacts and identify effective, feasible mitigation strategies. BIO-WEST specializes in four areas of environmental analysis and permitting.

Services provided in each of these areas:

  • Agency Coordination and Data Exchange Meetings
  • Cultural Resource Clearances and Mitigation Plans
  • Formation of Agency Work Groups to Address Major Issues
  • Presentations and Briefings
  • Section 404 Wetlands Permits and Mitigation Plans
  • Stream Diversion Permits
  • Survey/Study Results Reporting
  • Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive (TES) Species Clearance Surveys

  • Conceptual Alternative Development
  • Data Inventory, Collection, and Compilation
  • Database Development and Analysis
  • Decision-making Tool Innovation
  • Economic and Demographic Considerations
  • GIS Utilization
  • Physical and Environmental Resource Evaluations
  • Public Involvement Program Development and Implementation
  • Purpose and Needs Verification

  • Hazardous Materials Assessments
  • Historical and Archaeological Evaluations
  • Land use Evaluations
  • Noise Modeling, Assessment, and Mitigation Planning
  • Socioeconomic and Relocation Assessments
  • TES Investigations
  • Water Quality and Quality Evaluations
  • Wetland Delineations and Mitigation Plans
  • Wildlife and Fishery Habitat Assessments

  • Graphics and Visuals Development for Presentations
  • Public Input Facilitation
  • Public Involvement Integration Into Analyses and Documents
  • Public Involvement Program Development
  • Public Meeting/Workshop Organization and Facilitation

Specific Environmental Analysis and Permitting Projects: