Transportation and Infrastructure
If you are involved with a transportation or infrastructure project, you face a gauntlet of legal and regulatory approvals. Whether you work for a transportation agency, government organization, or private firm, your objectives depend on satisfying federal and state regulatory requirements. BIO-WEST is ready to assist your organization—we have been involved with transportation and infrastructure projects since 1976. Our firm provides transportation-related services to the Federal Highway Administration, state transportation departments, private engineering firms, and state and local governments. We have worked on local road improvements, regional corridor projects, and multi-modal transportation projects. This includes consulting associated with the National Environmental Protection Act and its accompanying regulatory framework (e.g., Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act), as well as planning services, trail design, construction monitoring, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, data management, and web mapping applications. We are not only qualified and highly experienced, we understand the nature of transportation projects and the hurdles they must clear to be successful. That’s why our project work is executed efficiently and our results exceed expectations.