Sabine Pass LNG Terminal Wetland Mitigation

sabine-1Sabine Pass LNG Terminal Wetland Mitigation

BIO-WEST assisted with environmental permitting for a large industrial facility development located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Environmental compliance required the development of a tidally influenced wetland mitigation project and subsequent mitigation monitoring. A total of 67.4 acres of contiguous, tidally influenced marsh was created and monitored for planting survival and vegetation succession. Vegetation diversity, species dominance, percent cover, and survivability success were quantified and documented to accurately assess spatial distribution and temporal succession in plant communities. Innovative techniques helped create a successful project that exceeded US Army Corps of Engineers permit criteria. Some of these innovations included preconstruction tidal monitoring and incorporating fertilizers prior to planting and building mobile tripods, which enabled rapid photo documentation of the sample quadrats that were monitored annually. Mitigation success criteria were exceeded by achieving 94% plant coverage within 2 years of planting.