Provo Canyon Highway and Provo-Jordan River Parkway Trail

Provo Canyon Highway Supplemental EIS and Provo-Jordan River Parkway Trail Projects

Provo Canyon Highway Supplemental EISProvo Canyon Highway Supplemental EISBIO-WEST prepared a new Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the proposed reconstruction of US Highway 189 through Provo Canyon from Wildwood to Deer Creek State Park in Utah County. The improvement project was located in a very sensitive, controversial area. An SEIS was required because of the potential for litigation, known public concerns and controversy, and previous project commitments. BIO-WEST provided environmental analysis and documentation (including litigation testimony) for several earlier components of the project. Our in-house interdisciplinary team reviewed the details of the proposed project, coordinated with the Utah Department of Transportation and other state and federal agencies, conducted analyses, and developed mitigation for project impacts. BIO-WEST also conducted baseline water-quality monitoring on the Provo River prior to the start of construction of the Provo Canyon Highway improvements in 2004 as part of the stormwater and sediment management plan. Water-quality sampling was conducted throughout the construction period to assist with the identification and prompt correction of any water-quality impacts caused by construction activities, and BIO-WEST continued to monitor post-construction success. BIO-WEST also monitored wetland mitigation success after the project was constructed. Provo Canyon Highway Supplemental EISProvo Canyon Highway Supplemental EISAs part of an associated project, BIO-WEST participated in the construction of an 8-mile extension of the Provo-Jordan River Parkway Trail from Deer Creek Dam at Deer Creek State Park to Soldier Hollow at Wasatch Mountain State Park in Wasatch County, Utah. The Provo-Jordan River Parkway Trail is a nonmotorized, multiuse trail that’s extending from the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City to the City of Provo and through Provo Canyon to the Jordanelle Reservoir, a length of over 135 miles. BIO-WEST designed the new trail segment, developed construction documents, coordinated public and agency involvement, and conducted environmental compliance and permitting. We also participated in final design and construction monitoring, particularly water-quality and erosion-control monitoring.