Denbury Pipeline Archaeological Investigation

denbury 1Denbury Pipeline Archaeological Investigation

BIO-WEST provided Section 106 permitting assistance for the construction of a pipeline that will traverse Galveston Bay, Texas. Hydrographic survey data were collected along the Galveston Bay portion of the pipeline route and submitted to BIO-WEST for archaeological review. BIO-WEST processed and reviewed the data to determine the presence or absence of potential submerged cultural resources. The data identified three magnetic anomalies. BIO-WEST recommended avoiding the anomalies or conducting a Phase II archaeological investigation to identify the sources of the anomalies and assess their historical significance. BIO-WEST was then contracted to investigate the anomalies further. Based on proprietary algorithms, BIO-WEST was able to verify that over 97% of the magnetic anomalies were not potential shipwrecks. Using this approved method, which is recognized by the Texas Historical Commission, greatly reduced the level of field effort required and ultimately demonstrated that environmental compliance was met.